Adding some Saitek products

002 December 2012Would you look at that, did not take that long to make the decision that this hobby required a space all of his own. I had a spare computer which I formatted and used only for the simulator. I added a monitor and with my new Joystick I was ready to go.

During this period my work sent me to the US for a few days to attend some meetings, while there, I was visiting some of the giants’ electronic shops and I came across the Saitek products, the box clearly stated “Compatible with FSX” and here we go, my setup just expanded. I ended up purchasing their Yoke and Switch panel which I then found out that I saved a bundle in price since here in Europe they were much more expensive. Things started to change quickly, the products were incredibly good, I still use the yoke today while I have sold the Switch, but more on this in a later post.

There was, at this point one clear goal… try to use the computer keyboard as less as possible while instead integrate more hardware. The Saitek Throttle that comes with the yoke can be fully configured to simulate the throttle, flaps and Speed break, in fact you can also buy handles that replica those of the real Boeing TQ and just place them on top of the Saitek one. I did not go down that route since I eventually intend to buy an actual motorized TQ. So once again flying become a little more realistic than it was before, now I just needed to decide how far I wanted to bring this experience.

Stay Tuned for more…

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