Switches & Leds

IMAG0497With the MIP built. it’s time to add some functionality to it.
Annunciators and switches are generally one of the first thing that goes in. At my local shop I quickly purchased the 3 separate sets of the 3 sections of the MIP and I started connecting them. Bear in mind that I knew nothing of electronic, so I spend a good amount of time on the internet trying to figure out how to wire a rotary switch or how to connect a led.

Luckily I have a friend who is nothing short than a genius, during a dinner at his place, he quickly showed to me how the connections should be made, once I know how to do one I was ready to connect everything. Obviously I needed a software, I was a bit reluctant originally in spending a lot of money on an expensive software, but did not take long before my mind was made up and I purchased ProSim737. While it was a lot of money I never looked back, it’s a fantastic software for which I will be making a review in future and have a dedicated video just for it, probably while setting something up.

IMAG0498Back to the wiring, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much good intentions you have, you still end up in a spaghetti type of situation, at one point I had wires all over the place that I had no idea what did what.This was just not the right way, I removed everything from the board, started to align the cables properly and re-attach them to the board. Having the cables nicely collected and running all around the board made things much easier not only to make modifications to the board, but also for adding more equipment at a later stage.

IMAG0496This board I am talking about is from CP Flight, it’s really great and it comes with a fantastic manual. When I read it the first time, it did not make much sense to me, but after showing it to the same friend that helped me with the switches, he was quickly able to explain everything. Now that I know the bases, the manual it’s like if it’s now written in my language. In the video below I do a little walk around of the MIP and some of the crazy spaghetti wires at the back of it. For the next update I will be adding a CDU to the cockpit. I hope you enjoy the video.

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