ACE Yoke

ACE Yoke

I must admit, this was something I have been wanting for very long time… For the past two years, or at least since I moved away from a desk into … Continue Reading →

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Throttle Quadrant Cover

Because the Cockpit Sonic TQ is flat at the back, I need to create a cover that will have the same angle of the CDU Bay The idea is to … Continue Reading →


Cockpitsonic Throttle Quadrant

Today, we are going to look at the cockpit sonic motorised throttle quadrant and why I chose this one and not one of the competitors on the market. When choosing … Continue Reading →

December 2014
CDU Bay + Lower EICAS

FMC and CDU Bay

OpenCockpit… FlightDeckSolutions… FlyEngrevity… and many others manufactures out there, but which should I choose? To make the decision you firs need to answer a few questions… How much you want … Continue Reading →