ACE Yoke

ACE Yoke

I must admit, this was something I have been wanting for very long time… For the past two years, or at least since I moved away from a desk into … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.36.29

Throttle Quadrant Cover

Because the Cockpit Sonic TQ is flat at the back, I need to create a cover that will have the same angle of the CDU Bay The idea is to … Continue Reading →


Cockpitsonic Throttle Quadrant

Today, we are going to look at the cockpit sonic motorised throttle quadrant and why I chose this one and not one of the competitors on the market. When choosing … Continue Reading →

Finished platform

Cockpit Platform

The cockpit platform is where the entire cockpit rest on to. Needless to say that this structure needs to be really strong. The larger area of the platform will be … Continue Reading →

December 2014
CDU Bay + Lower EICAS

FMC and CDU Bay

OpenCockpit… FlightDeckSolutions… FlyEngrevity… and many others manufactures out there, but which should I choose? To make the decision you firs need to answer a few questions… How much you want … Continue Reading →


Switches & Leds

With the MIP built. it’s time to add some functionality to it. Annunciators and switches are generally one of the first thing that goes in. At my local shop I … Continue Reading →

Fly Engrevity MIP Frame

MIP Evolution

I think everybody starts the same way, when someone decides to build a fully functional cockpit, the first thing they concentrate on is the MIP. But then again, why wouldn’t … Continue Reading →

StoryLine 700x950

New MCP, New PC and few extra monitors

The problem with wanting more realism for your simulator is that you also need to have a suitable and powerful PC that goes with it. This is the moment where … Continue Reading →

December 2012
Yoke and switch panel

Adding some Saitek products

Would you look at that, did not take that long to make the decision that this hobby required a space all of his own. I had a spare computer which … Continue Reading →

November 2012 - 1 monitor & 1 Joystick

The very beginning

How many of us found ourselves behind a computer playing video games and just wishing we could do more than just pressing few buttons? For more than a decade I … Continue Reading →