ACE Yoke

ACE YokeI must admit, this was something I have been wanting for very long time…
For the past two years, or at least since I moved away from a desk into a dedicated cockpit space, I have been using a Saitek Yoke, it served me well but it just it’s not the same as the real thing. The tension is very small plus the shape is very bulky, obstructing the view of the ND and PFD.

The ACE Yoke is fantastic to say the least, the way it feels just makes the all simulation much more realistic, I like the charts holder with the check list, not that I would use that checklist, but the holder itself is really useful during cockpit
Preparation. I also do not use it to hold maps since all my maps are digital on an iPad. There is a lot of attention to the details, one thing I miss, I must say, is a button allowing me to change views, I obviously understand that in a real aircraft there will be no need of it, but I only have a fronts flat view in my cockpit and on the old yoke that proved to be very useful, I later found that if you buy directly from the manufacturer there may be the possibility to have something similar added as an extra and at a price. I have just set those views on a keyboard for the moment.

From software prospective is extremely simple, it just requires a calibration in Prosim737 and you are ready to go.

I now had the pleasure of using this yoke for over 3 months and nothing ever went wrong. I certainly recommend it.

If you are interested in measurements and other details, I also have a video review, which you can find here under.

Happy flying….

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